Livability Solutions

Expanding Transportation Options on the Gulf Coast: Gulfport, MS

August 2012


Gulf Regional Planning Commission



The Mississippi Gulf Coast faces high combined transportation and housing costs as residents have moved inland away from the hurricane threat while their jobs have remained closer to the coast. Along the coast development has low connectivity for pedestrians and bicyclists; short trips are overwhelmingly made by automobile. The Gulf Regional Planning Commission (GRPC), in collaboration with Project for Public Spaces and Livability Solutions' designated technical assistance provider (Reconnecting America) developed a program to help GRPC make the economic case for focusing development along Coast Transit's regional bus transit network. GRPC requested assistance with developing a methodology for identifying communities with high transit ridership and development potential.


Reconnecting America delivered technical assistance as two days of workshops, staff meetings and tours. The first day of technical assistance started with field visits to potential sites for transit-oriented development. That afternoon a work session was convened to introduce transit-oriented development, and the TOD Typology as a tool for identifying locations for development. GRPC staff, along with representatives from Coast Transit, local planners, elected officials and major employers participated in the work session. On the second day, Reconnecting America debriefed GRPC staff and discussed next steps for applying the TOD Typology. RA and GRPC staff identified performance measures for advancing TOD. 


To date no updates have been received from GRPC.